Monday, July 5, 2010

Our 4th Fun

At the spur of the moment we decided to go to a local country town fireworks show on Saturday night (not really expecting much) and it was a REALLY good one! It lasted about 45 minutes and was really impressive!
Is this a "You Might be a Redneck If..." moment? We forgot to bring chairs, so we took the seat out of the car.
Our kids are finally at the age that fireworks are fun! I think now that they are old enough to pop them themselves, they have a new appreciation for them. I remember when they were littler the late hours, loud noises, junk food just made it tough!

Waiting for the show...

I had fun playing with my camera's fireworks setting!
In the middle of the show, we turned around to find Pearl out cold! This is the same kid that is famous for falling asleep in several rock concerts including Sanctus Real and Casting Crowns.

Sunday's when the REAL fun began! We went to my mom's so we could blow some stuff up out in the country. Dad went to a fireworks stand and bought a bunch of blackcats, parachutes, and other loud stuff and entered a drawing for $100 in free fireworks. The kids had a blast popping them, but Daniel kept asking about the drawing, he was SURE they would win. And sure enough, we got a phone call at 8:30pm and we won. The kids confessed later they had all gotten together and prayed about it - that whole favor of the Lord thing. So, they all loaded up and went back for some REALLY COOL fireworks. They had so much fun picking them out, too!
They put on a great show!

And EVERYONE was worn out by the time we made it home! It'll be a 4th they'll never forget!

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