Monday, May 10, 2010

Reading Programs

My kids Clean Up on summer reading club programs! We love them, and we love all the special treats, free food coupons, and free books they get from these programs. We've already gotten our FREE SIX FLAGS TICKETS - for this summer. Now, we are entering the Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program. See the link HERE for information on that program, this is one I hadn't heard of before. Other good reading programs -

1. Libraries - of course - all libraries have great summer reading programs. Ours last year had a great envelope full of free meal coupons and treats and a book to keep.

2. Grocery stores - several grocery stores have summer reading programs. We entered an HEB summer program last year.

2. Bookstores - small or large, a lot of bookstores have really neat summer reading programs. Usually it is the smaller bookstores that have the best stuff!

3. Zoos, fast food restaurants, and kid-places.

My kids are going to read alot in the summer anyway, I might as well hook them up with some rewards for it! We will enter several programs, but I don't let my kids cheat and list the same books for each program - they'll have to read more books for each. We do more reading aloud in the summer, and we listen to books on tape as we travel around more - (those count too). It is great to treat them to some special outings for free! It just takes a little a little researh to find programs in your area. Definitely some frugal summer fun!

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