Friday, April 9, 2010

Laundry Experiment

I have for the longest been wanting to try to make my own laundry soap. I hear people talking about it -how better and cheap it is - so, today I gave it a try. So here's my laundry situation. I like Gain - it's a bit less than $6 for a box of the powdered Gain. The box says 40 loads and I go through a box every 2 weeks. So, I spend $12 a month probably on laundry soap. I can't believe I do 80 loads a month - that's probably not right. I do all large loads and probably use too much too. I do probably do 2 loads a day. Anyway. Back to my experiment.
So, I found a recipe on one of my favorite blogs and got everything I needed. It was super easy too. Borax - $2.15, Washing Soda $3.30, Dove $1. So, less than $7.00 - and it made 3 gallons. How many loads do you suppose that is? Its gotta be at least 2 month's worth. And the other thing is that I have tons of supplies leftover, I'll probably be able to make 4 more batches with these supplies - except for a few more bars of Dove. So, probably $10 for a 10 month supply. That is pretty incredible - that's like a savings of $110. So, it is a better deal than I thought.

So the question is - am I going to like it? Is it going to smell good? Is it going to work well? 'Cause let me tell you I got some dirty people living in this house! I gotta little boy who is gonna play baseball with some WHITE ball pants! And he feels the need to slide into every base - even if it is not necessary.

I'm gonna give some of it to my mama and let her try it out too. She is a total laundry snob -very particular about her laundry -and if she likes it - it has to be good. I'll report back to you in a few weeks with my findings.


ragamuffinbeauties said...

We use a similar recipe and love it. Ours actually has no smell...or just a 'clean' smell. We scrimp a bit more on cheap soap & it works fine. Hope yours works out well too!

Quiltingranny said...

Definitely let us know how it works. I have a front loading washer, not sure this would work for it...but I am willing to try!