Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Things That Rhyme With Orange


This Album put out by Ross King of Ross King Music

Well, Byron came home last night to find us jamming out to Ross King's new kid CD Words That Rhyme with Orange! He had a fit! He's been a big Ross King fan since King did worship at a Latham Springs youth camp he took students to long ago. We are all kind of fans of RANDOMNESS in this family - so we were all crackin' up and really enjoying this zany CD! We all listened to "Don't Do It" several times at the supper table - really gross considering it is a song about boogers!

So, we are actually Ross King fans from way back - we love the Soulspeak album and the And all the Decorations Too album. Byron thought he was incredible at youth camp - he has a real talent for kind of coming up with random songs -like the one he made up at camp about Byron and another youth pastor and their sliding down a hill in the rain! How come that one didn't make the album? How great is it that all those teenagers who loved him at youth camp can now rock out to songs like "Juicebox" with THEIR kids - well ... we'll give most of you a few more years for that!

The whole CD made us think of all the cool ways to use these songs for youth groups and illustrations. As a matter of fact, the whole CD made us think of some of the random teenagers and youth leaders we love. This CD is supposed to be for ages 2 to 12 -but our whole family loves it! I think adults will love it -and love sharing it with their kids! I'd love to see Ross King at a kid's concert! Although this CD is not "Christian" CD really - it comes from a guy with a real heart for God and that makes it so much better from all the weird Raffi or Wiggles and stuff that is out there for preschoolers and little kids.

Go here to puchase this CD for $12.00 - you can even listen to a sample of the "Juicebox" song which was one of our favorites on the CD!

Ross King's Website can be found HERE with more information and other cool Ross King albums. Most of his stuff is self produced, so it might be hard to find in stores, although it is also available from i-tunes and Amazon.

Ross King is also doing a giveaway of this and other CDs at the Mama Buzz main site HERE.

*This CD was provided by Ross King and Mama Buzz for review purposes only.

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