Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Brooder Box

Okay, one thing you should know about my husband, he never does anything 1/2 way. And... he tends to get carried away when it comes to construction projects. It was my understanding that we were hatching chicks for Gracie's homeschool science fair project. It was my understanding that we would keep the chicks until the science fair - about 10 -15 days after hatching and give them away. I asked him to build me a wooden brooder box out of plywood. Just a square box. Here's what I think: I think he secretly wants to keep these chicks. Or maybe he knows that he won't be able to look into those big brown middle child eyes and tell her she must give her babies up for adoption.Anyway, he built this huge coop with a hinged door- not a box!
It has a covered run area so they can scratch the dirt and run around free-rangin' a bit. I don't think they can go running around like that for at least 3 weeks.

Since it was her project, Gracie helped alot with the construction. It still needs to be painted and Dad wants to add some wheels so it can be moved around, but it is basically ready for hatch day.

He's such a handy guy! But will he feel the same when they start stinkin' and poopin'? So - here's the tally so far: $50 from tractor supply for heat lamps, feeders, and that kind of thing, the coop-luxury brooder box was from mostly free materials, but chicken wire and some special touches ran around $30, thankfully the eggs were free and the incubator borrowed. So, so far we are into this project for $80. So, if we were maybe to keep 2 or 3 - we might see a 20 cent return with the arrival of 1 egg in 6 months or so.

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Teresita Darling said...

Yes but multiply that by # of chickens, times each day... subtract the amount your neighbors pay for farm-fresh eggs... add in the amount you used to pay for eggs... plus the smile on said daughter's face... priceless!