Monday, January 18, 2010

Countdown to Hatchday!

Gracie is learning all about chickens for her Science Fair Project. We are hoping to hatch out at least 1/2 of these 20 babies. We borrowed the incubator from Aunt Allison and warmed them up to just the right temperature. Unfortunately, Aunt Allison says we can only hope for about 1/4 of them to make it to adulthood if nothing goes wrong.
We numbered each egg to keep track of it, and also to tell if it is being turned regularly. We are already learning so much! Did you know that chickens hatched from an incubator do not know how to sit on their own eggs? So, if you wanted more from this batch, you would have to use the incubator again. Very interesting. We checked out a lot of books and the whole family is very interested in the whole process. In about 21 days we should have some hatching! Tomorrow we are going to take a look at the differences between these farm fresh eggs and store bought ones with a taste test! I don't think Gracie will be too excited since she already thinks of herself as a mama hen and these are her babies! In 10 days we can use a flashlight to look inside the egg and hopefully see the air pocket inside it.

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