Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Seven Year Old!

Today our youngest is 7! Seven is old enough to do big chores, take out trash, unload dishes, cook grill cheese and soup, do the laundry, READ & write, take care of the dog, take things apart with tools, and take a shower with no help. Seven is still little enough to climb in mom's lap and be read to, to be carried sometimes, and to hide in small places.
It doesn't seem that long ago we were welcoming that boy into the world! Gracie called him Bub for years. On a side note, look how good I look after just having that 9 lb baby boy!

Daniel got an early present from Grandma and Grandad, a Wii Indiana Jones game, and more parts to his favorite Christmas gift - a Lego pirate set.

Such a handsome and sweet boy. He has such a humor and wit like his daddy. He loves to see everyone happy, make people laugh, and those big brown eyes are going to make the girls go weak in the knees someday. I love to see him growing in his faith, learning so much about the world, and developing such strong friendships with his sisters. Happy Birthday Daniel!

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