Friday, December 18, 2009

Must Have Christmas Goodies

Most families have those 3 or 4 food things they HAVE to have special for Christmas (I'm talking besides the normal turkey and meal things). Usually it is dessert or snacking stuff. For us it is grandma's chocolate chip cookies, and during my childhood it was dinosaurs (homemade fruit turnovers like these) for breakfast, and Mamaw's bear shaped cake for Christmas dinner. I never liked the bear cake because most years it was covered with coconut.
In our family I think my husband takes advantage of the season and claims he has to have certain desserts. We have to have a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie (even though he's the only one that really like them). And we have to make a birthday cake for Jesus for the kids(even though no one wants cake when there are so many other more interesting desserts).
We do like to do a lot of extra Christmas baking for gifts and snacking. The girls and I love to make pretzel wreaths - we make them like that, except we do not use M&M's, but instead weave ribbon through the holes when dry. Click on this pretzel wreath variation for an interesting concept- picture frames made the same way. Although the lady in the video is using GLUE - how strange is that! I think you could put a picture in the edible kind, just punch some holes in the picture and weave onto the wreath as you are weaving the ribbon around. Another husband requested must have is muddy buddies - you know the recipe on the Chex box - they also make great gifts in a cute container.
My husband's family used to love to make a concoction they called briny barrel for the holidays and I love it! I always craved them in my 3 Christmas season pregnancies. They combined all kinds of neat stuff in a gallon jar: green & black olives, baby dill pickles, pickled okra, red peppers, pearl onions, California hot mix, and cocktail weenies. You combine some of the juices, then fill with vinegar.
What other special foods do you HAVE to have at Christmas? Leave me a comment or a link telling me what special foods you are looking forward to.

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