Monday, December 21, 2009

Girl Sleepovers

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I don't know much about boy sleepovers - that is a scary thought. I hope my husband handles those - maybe in tents far away from home? But we have had our share of girl sleepovers.

Girl Sleepovers:

  • You know early age sleepovers (8 to age 10) weren't so bad - you can generally turn on a movie about 9 and 90% of them just fall asleep.
  • About age 11 that all changes and sleepovers become this marathon who can stay awake longest contest.
  • You have to get them home ASAP on the morning after (10am maximum)-or they will all hate each other because of lack of sleep crankiness.
  • 3 P's: Pizza, Popcorn, & Pancakes - in that order - large amounts too.
  • Always even numbers of girls - very important. 4 is good. 6 almost unbearable - and more than that and you are out of your mind!
  • Coach your daughter carefully on including everyone and taking the lead in letting the girls know what is acceptable (that way you don't have to be the bad guy the whole night). Anticipate potential problems and discuss them with her beforehand. My daughters know that they are responsible for their guests -waiting on them and making sure they get cleaned up after too.
  • Keeping busy is important! I always have my girls plan 5-6 activities to suggest -crafts and scavenger hunts, flashlight tag, Dance Praise, board games, and a good movie to calm down to. Makeover fun is good for girly-girls; fingernail painting, etc. They won't get in trouble if they have plenty to do.
  • Don't be afraid to get firm. Most of their mothers will appreciate you making them mind AND go to bed.

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