Saturday, August 8, 2009

Six Flags over Texas

We had some fun cousin time Friday! Ally went to a cousin Katelyn's sleepover and played Laser Tag & younger cousin Sidney came with us for a sleepover, then we all went to Six Flags with cousin Elana also! The kids all had free tickets from a reading program. It was a VERY HOT day, but we still had a great, sweaty time. The younger ones went with me, while Ally and the braver few went with Aunt Allison to ride all the wild rides.
Daniel decided to ride the Titan with Ally- which is a HUGE 25 story rollercoaster (you can see it in the background). Daniel didn't bat an eye. When Ally asked him if he wanted to ride it, he said, "But it doesn't even go upside down!" He seemed to show no fear, although he told me later he prayed that he wouldn't die.

Gracie and Sidney squinting in the hot sun! Gracie did very well and had a wonderful time at the park, although in her mind the memories will be tainted by the memory of puking in the car on the way home.
She did not enjoy the Bobsled, but she rode a lot of adventurous rides without complaining.

Daniel is so witty!

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